Goblins in the Mists (Agents of Lerotrahh, #2) Thomas K. Loney


Published: 2008


208 pages


Goblins in the Mists (Agents of Lerotrahh, #2)  by  Thomas K. Loney

Goblins in the Mists (Agents of Lerotrahh, #2) by Thomas K. Loney
2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 208 pages | ISBN: | 9.62 Mb

Within the pages of this novel is the full account of (Goblins in the Mists), an entire fantasy adventure run by a Game Master for a group of Players. It starts from the very beginning and runs to the end of the adventure, including every word spoken by the GM, players and NPC characters during a real game that lasted about 7 months.Like all good fantasy adventures, this adventure begins in a bar. Specifically, it is the Blue Frog Tavern.This novel is different than any normal novel you might read, and it is also bothfunny and interesting at the same time.

Once you begin reading it you will get to know each character, not only that but there are many jokes and funny comments made among the players in this game. I should also mention that Shipy the Hobbit attempts to lead the group in this adventure. This is the first novel in a series of a dozen Fanpostal Novels.Who of you who are true role-playing gamers at heart would not love to see your own adventures available to read?

Now you can read ours! Even if you have not played or participated in a role-playing games for years, you will instantly remember how it feels and the fond memories of prior years when reading this novel.

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