Beautiful Disaster J.M. Snyder

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Beautiful Disaster  by  J.M. Snyder

Beautiful Disaster by J.M. Snyder
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Twenty year old Corey Evans is one-half of 2ICE, the biggest duo on the radio at the moment. Pronounced twice, theyre number one on the Billboard charts this week with their latest single. And number one in download sales, with two albums that have already gone platinum, to hear their manager tell it. And currently on their second U.S. tour, which has sold out stadiums across the nation.Despite this, theres an emptiness inside him which Corey cant seem to fill, no matter how many groupies he takes to his bed.

He sees this same emptiness mirrored in the eyes of his band-mate, Ian Coltraine, who drowns his evenings after each show with a bottle of whiskey. Ians the one Corey turns to when he wakes beside an unknown fan, still asleep in his bed and needs help evicting her. Hes Corey best friend, the only person on the tour he can confide in, who he really trusts ...The one, Corey finally realizes, with whom he is madly, deeply, terribly in love.

And he suspects Ian might feel the same.But his recent string of one-night stands makes Ian cautious about Coreys true feelings. Hes wanted Corey for so long, and has watched him go through countless fans in search of ... what? Ian doesnt know. And he doesnt yet believe Corey when he says Ian might be it. Ian hopes so, but cant bring himself to believe Coreys fickle desire wont be gone in the morning.Can these two young men somehow move beyond Coreys past and Ians pain to embrace a love they both so desperately desire?

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